The Catholic Academy in Warsaw, Collegium Joanneum, is recognised by the Polish public law and is entitled to award the following degrees: Master’s, Licence, Doctorate, Assistant Professor’s and Professor’s degree in theology.

The Catholic Academy in Warsaw is a continuation of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw. The history of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology, Collegium Joanneum, dates back to the 1960s, an onerous period for the Catholic Church in communist Poland. When the Faculty of Theology in the University of Warsaw, many of whose students were Metropolitan Higher Seminary alumni, was dissolved by the authoritarian regime in 1954, the Archdiocese of Warsaw needed to face the challenge of offering theological degree programmes to new seminarians. The Pontifical Faculty of Theology, Collegium Joanneum (called the Academic Study of the Catholic Theology until 1988) came into being to respond to those needs. By decree from the Archbishop of Warsaw on 15 August 2020 Pontifical Faculty in Warsaw was transformed into the Catholic Academy in Warsaw.

The Academy currently offers full-time courses in theology to alumni from Seminaries in Warsaw, Warsaw-Praga, Siedlce, Łowicz and Drohiczyn. There are also part-time programmes for both members of religious orders and secular applicants who want to study general theology, spirituality and catechetics. Our recent developments, online theology courses (e-PWTW), are becoming increasingly popular. The Academy also offers licentiate and doctorate programmes, and Postgraduate Studies in Ethics.

Providing formation programmes is an important part of the academy’s responsibilities within the Archdiocese of Warsaw. The following are currently available: Studies in Spirituality, Studies for Marriage Counsellors. A School for Leaders of New Evangelisation , A School for Voluntary Service Leaders, Pastoral Studies for Parish Pastoral Councils, Priests Formation, Courses for Parish Priests. The faculty also offers training opportunities for organ players (Institute of Organists) to address the needs of the Archdiocese.

Another initiative is to form a theological academic community in Warsaw. To encourage that, the Warsaw Theological Society (WTS) has been established. Its members are professors of theology and related fields.

The Catholic Academy in Warsaw, Collegium Joanneum
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